Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Flagging Report: Clear and Brisk in the Sunshine State

Two intrepid flaggers from Pensacola braved the wind slicing down Palafox Place to stand with flags snapping in front of the old county courthouse complex on Wednesday, January 7.

The sky was a beautiful, cloudless backdrop for the flags, the sunshine bright, and when the wind wasn't blowing the chill abated considerably.

I was surprised that the area wasn't as busy as it was on Christmas Eve.  While we got a few waves from passing motorists, the sidewalk actually seemed busier, with people strolling by at a leisurely pace.

"Hi. Y'all live in Pensacola?"

The majority of the time, the answer to that question was, "No."

"In that case, you enjoy your visit!"


A few local people, though, paused to chat with us about the county's removal of the historic five flags from the Pensacola Bay Center. The consensus was that the county commission's actions were overkill, and a show of disrespect for the city's history.

We heard "political correctness" in these conversations more than once.

One young man from Pensacola but not currently residing here, said his family's residence in the city goes back a couple of generations, and he feels a great connection to the city's history.

We have yet to hear anyone say they agree with the county's move.

If you reside in the area, or are planning to visit and would like to send a message to the county commissioners to return the flags, visit our Facebook page for info on flagging dates and times.

Connie Chastain        
West Florida Flaggers       


  1. Thanks, Eddie. Not much to report, yet. But I'm looking forward to that changing!