Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Flagging Report: Flagging Without Hand-outs

Flagging -- without handouts. (Photo by S.H.)
It was a good day for flagging, if a bit chilly -- but opportunities were missed because I forgot to bring our hand-outs! 

Nevertheless, we interacted with passers-by, informing them we were flagging the county commissioners to urge them to return the historic Five Flags to the Pensacola Bay Center.

One lady pointed to my flag and said, "I don't recognize that."

"It's the First National flag of the Confederacy."

"Oh, that's interesting!"

Another gentleman told us what flag I was displaying: "That's the First Flag of the Confederate States."

"Yes, sir, the Stars and Bars."

"There were two others after that one."

"The Stainless Banner and the Third National."

"When you say Confederate flag, a lot of people think of the flag on the roof of the General Lee. But that was a battle flag."

"Yes, the soldiers' flag."

After a bit more chatting in the same vein, he wished us well and continued on his way.

Another lady, when told about the flags removed from the Pensacola Bay Center, said, "Oh, that's right, I heard about that." She said she didn't understand why the commissioners removed the flags.

One man said the people should vote on whether to return the flags. This echoed parts of a very interesting and informative "Viewpoint" letter to the editor by Christopher J. Lewis that appeared recently in the Pensacola News Journal:

As before, everyone we encountered on the sidewalk was cordial and motorists and their passengers often gave us friendly waves.

Next flagging is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, January 17 -- with hand-outs this time.

Connie Chastain      
West Florida Flaggers      


  1. Jan. 17 was Lee - Jackson. You would get more help if you would ask the local Confederates.

  2. I now see that you were at Lee Jackson. I wish that I had met you. Next time say Hello and I will be happy to work with the flaggers. I have heard nothing about this, except by FB.