Thursday, January 22, 2015

Flagging Report: Lady Liberty (Two of Them!) Pay Us Visit

Good day on the sidewalk Wednesday -- several good conversations, people stopping to chat, to learn about Confederate flags, and to express their thoughts and feelings about the removal of four of the Five Flags from the Pensascola Bay Center.

Although we are flagging the county to encourage the return of the Five Flags with the First National "Stars and Bars" representing the Confederacy, we are a Confederate heritage group and we enjoy taking advantage of the opportunity to educate about other Confederate flags, and other aspects of the Confederacy and the War Between the States, as well

Thus, one West Florida Flagger brings his unique 1st and 3rd Florida Infantry Flag. Here's an image of the original, found on Wikipedia.

We did have a brief encounter with a gentleman who expressed disapproval of the Confederate battle flag, but we explained we aren't picketing to have it returned to the civic center display. We are ready to defend the battle flag from the ongoing campaign against it, but this particular issue in our city and county involves the display of national flags. Everyone else who stopped to chat and take one of our handouts were matter of fact in their support of returning the flags to their display.

More than once, the Virginia Flaggers have said, "Flagging is fun!" and so it is! Yesterday, a small group of middle school students visited the sidewalk on a field trip, made photos of the historic clock on the grounds of the Old Courthouse (and snapped a few photos of us) on their smart phones.

We were also visited by two lovely young Statues of Liberty giving away holders for soft drinks (some with candy inside!) advertising a tax return preparation service. They also would like to see the flags returned to their display on county property.

Rumor has it that the county commissioners have learned that we are here and we flag!

Next appointment on the sidewalk -- Saturday, January 24, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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