Saturday, January 10, 2015

Flagging Report: Saturday on the Sidewalk

It wasn't as cold or bright as our last flagging, but an occasional breeze brought our flags to life several times during the afternoon.

Foot traffic on the sidewalk was pretty busy. A few passersby were visitors to the city, and we welcomed them and hoped they enjoyed their visits. Locals ran the gamut -- many lively seniors headed for the coffee shops and cafes north and south of our position in front of the Old Courthouse. Not as many young folks, but still quite a few -- and more than half a dozen canines of all sizes, shapes, colors and types of fur.

Auby Smith, Commander, Stephen Mallory Camp 1315, SCV
When the opportunity presented itself, we explained, "We're picketing the county to return the Five Flags to the civic center. Can't have the City of Five Flags without them!" Responses ranged from tilted heads and comments like, "I think I remember reading about that," to enthusiastic nods of agreement. "It's our history!"

Almost an hour into the flagging, Auby Smith, Commander of the Stephen R. Mallory Camp 1315, Sons of Confederate Veterans, stopped by to thank us and to invite us to the camp's upcoming Lee Jackson dinner.

It was a pleasure to meet and talk with him and we look forward to a great relationship with the Camp.

All of the people we encountered -- visitors and locals alike -- were friendly and we were glad so many were familiar with the county flag-removal issue. Hopefully, as we continue flagging, we will acquiant more people not only with the current flag issue, but with Pensacola's Confederate history and the soldiers who fought so valiantly and gave so much to defend their homes, families and communities, and their new nation.

Connie Chastain      
West Florida Flaggers      

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